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Friday, July 12, 2019

Dear Residents, 


Decision taken by Council on the issue of stray cats within the estate. 


We write on a matter of common interest within our estate. The Council had over time, taken feedback on the issue of stray cats within the estate from 2 distinct groups. We thank them for making their representations to us and their input have enabled us to make the decisions that we have now made. 


There is a group that have no issue with the presence of cats as they control the rat population that had plagued the estate many years ago. A decision was then made by the Council at the advice of the pest consultants many years ago to introduce cats to in order to manage the rat problem. That has led to an effective control of the rat issue but there is now a problem of the growth of the population of stray cats. 


 There is another group concerned about the growth of the population of stray cats within the estate. The concern expressed is the large numbers of stray that lead to other issues. They report that cats drink even from the swimming pool, the noise that they make in the wee hours of the morning and the complaints of damage to furniture at the ground floor units. There are also reports of young children (and even adults) being frightened by the cats. 


The Council has taken time to deliberate on the matter. Taking into account the feedback and representations which the Council had deliberated on, the Council has decided that cats like most animals within the estate would be treated as pets owned by residents. As such, no stray cats would be permitted. From that decision taken, the Council now issues the following directives:


  1. All cats within the estate must be tagged to specific individual owners who are residents and natural persons. This means that no cats are to be tagged to non- natural persons like organisations; 
  2. It follows that cats that are not tagged to individual owners (as set out in 1. Above) will be removed from the estate.
  3. There will be no feeding of cats within the estate. All feeding of cats will be done by the owners of their cats at the vicinity of their own homes and premises. 


As a request, the Council asks that owners take all reasonable steps to keep their pet cats within their homes and premises. 


With the above directives in place, we trust that the problem of stray cats within the estate would be eradicated and managed effectively. 


Thank you. 

BBQ RE-Opening For Service / Booking

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Dear Residents ,


The barbecue pits’ renovation work is more or less done but there are still some niggling defects. 


Consequently, we ask for your kind understanding as we extend the re-opening of the barbecue pits to 8th June 2019.  The bookings for the pits will open 9am on 8th June 2019.


Please do reach out to the MO if you have any questions


MCST 2345



Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dear Residents,


We are on schedule to re-open the tennis courts  on 27th April for your use. We will re-open the booking systems (for Saturday onwards) at 9am on Friday (26th April).


We hope you will enjoy the use of the renovated courts. As always, we look forward to your feedback



Best Regards

Costa Rhu Management Office

MCST 2345

Tel : 63469466



Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 2345

7 Rhu Cross Singapore 437435

Tel : (65) 6346 9466 Fax : (65) 6346 9460

Email :

GST REG.NO: M9-0003672-

Date : 9th April 2019

Dear Residents,



 Date:25th TO 27TH APRIL 2019      Time:10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM

We refer to the aforementioned matter.

As prescribed under Part V of the Building Control Act, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) requires residential properties to be inspected every 10 years to ensure the building is structurally safe throughout its life.

The MCST Council has appointed M/s Singapore Metro Consulting as the structural engineer to carry out the periodic inspection of the building. The staff of Singapore Metro Consulting will require to enter into individual residential units to carry out the inspection and take photographs of the building structural elements such as columns, walls, beams, and slabs, etc.

We understand that most residents might not be present at home during the time of the inspection but in order to facilitate the entire building inspection, the Management seeks your cooperation in making arrangements for someone to be at home for the inspection to be carried out.

The Management seeks your fullest cooperation and understanding on this matter.

Thank you.

By The Management

For and on behalf of MCST Plan No. 2345


Have Fun Get Fit - Tanjong Rhu Sports Carnival - 14th April

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sports Day

Dear Residents

Organised by the Tanjong Rhu Neighbourhood Committee specially for Tanjong Rhu Residents the Tanjong Rhu Sports Carnival promises a fun filled family event.

Enter as a individual or get a team. Enter events and win prizes. Individuals can still enter team events and will be matched on the day.


Sign up here or call 63458258.


Events: 25*4 relay, 400M individual, 4*4 Football, Netball, Frisbee and much more.

When: 14th April (8am - 11am)

Where: Dunman High School


Jointly organised by Tanjong Rhu Neighbourhood Committee and Mountbatten CSC. 



Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dear residents:

This is to highlight the increasing incidence of litter being thrown down from higher floors. From patio areas to patio roof tops of the ground floor units to the swimming pool, we have had recent incidents of litter from higher floors across the estate.

Please see the attached photographs. The console instruments landed at the shallow end of the pool and could have seriously hurt someone. Discarded napkins, milk and noodles being thrown on patio rooftops: these are clearly not the community living standards we want within the estate.

This is a sincere request to residents to lend their support in curbing this nuisance. Please provide any feedback or information that you may have to the  management office and we will ensure prompt action. Offenders should note that littering is a punishable offense under law in Singapore

Thank you


MCST NO. 2345


Monday, March 25, 2019

Dear Residents,


Good day everyone,

We have to write to you on the problem of people not drying up after using the swimming pool. Last week, an elderly person slipped and fell from water outside the lift area and inside the lift. A very serious injury could have happened needlessly. The good thing is that another resident, was there to help absorb the fall of that elderly person who is frail and weak. It was fortunate that he was there and a serious incident was prevented. 

We do have to ask that you please dry up with a towel after using the pool and ensure that your children do the same too. If you do let your children use the pool on their own, please also convey this important message to them. 

The tiled areas outside the lifts and the floor of the lift can be very slippery when they become wet. We do have a lot of elderly people and their bones are weaker with age. Very serious injury can be avoided if we all practise good habits and good sense in thinking of their safety and well - being. The elderly can suffer fatal injuries and we have to avoid that at all costs in the Estate. 

Your kind understanding on this matter is really appreciated. Thank you so much. 


Best Regards,

MCST NO. 2345

Chinese NewYear Event 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Dear Residents,


Costa Rhu Lunar New Year Gala


Spring has arrived in Costa Rhu! We are proud to present the Costa Rhu Lunar New Year Gala to usher in the Year of the Pig:


Date: 15 February 2019, Friday

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: In front of block Ancilla, facing the pool

Celebrations include: Spectacular and rousing Lion dance performances by a professional performing troupe, mandarin oranges, sweets and goodies for children, prizes & 4D lottery numbers for lucky residents, and blessings for everyone!


Cost: FREE!


We warmly invite all residents to bring your whole family to join us at the Gala for an evening of unforgettable excitement and enjoyment.


On behalf of MCST 2345, our entire work team, and the Council, we wish all Costa Rhu residents "Gong Xi Fa Cai" in advance!


MCST 2345