Dear Residents 
Closure of all facilities at Costa Rhu due to COVID 19. 
Effective this Tuesday 24th March 2020 at 5.00am.
1. The Council has deliberated on the need to close the use of the facilities in the Estate and it has been decided that all the facilities would be closed from this coming Tuesday 24th March 2020 at 5.00am The closure will be for an indefinite period but a review will be made after 7 days to consider if any revisions to the decision should be made. 
2. In coming to the decision , the Council had taken into account the existing COVID 19 situation around the globe , now declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation ( WHO ). The situation worldwide has not improved as a whole with countries in Europe sadly deteriorating in their management of the problem. Singapore following a short respite has seen a recent resurgence of more cases over the last few days and this has been attributed to people returning from abroad. A large number are students returning from countries that have implemented lockdowns. We note that in our Estate there are also students now serving Stay Home Notices ( SHNs ) as required by the Singapore Government. This decision that we take is also aligned in part with the need for persons serving SHNs to stay at home. 
3. The Council has decided that the paramount interest must be acting to enhance the safety and health of our residents. The practice in countries with lockdowns had been to minimise social contact between persons at places and venues that tend to lead to infection and contamination. As the WHO has advised more recently , the phase of managing the pandemic is now beyond just washing hands and not touching one's face , but to seriously observe social distancing. Strong measures towards enforcing social distancing have been to close sports venues , shut pubs and prohibit the gathering of large crowds are now commonplace. 
4. The staff from the Management Office of the Estate will take steps to close the use of the facilities like the gymnasium , the swimming pools , the tennis courts and the squash courts in compliance with this decision taken by the Council. We do understand if there should be any disappointment with the decision taken but we ask that you do please accept and understand the decision made . The Council notes the foreseeable impact of the decision and continues to monitor measures taken in the Estate . We have decided that this decision is in the best interests of all residents and the Estate as a whole. The BBQ pits , function rooms and all playgrounds are also part of the decision made and they will be shut. 
5. The prevailing observation and experience has been that countries that took stringent and painful measures do manage the situation better and meeting with  stability after a short period. In these communities , tough and difficult measures had prevented worse situations from developing. We trust that you will see that we have made this decision for the overall good of the estate with a view to managing this human crisis in the best way possible for the Estate. 
6. We believe that with tough and painful decisions like this , we can look forward to this pandemic passing us by with less costly results . Please take care to exercise social and responsible distancing which forms the underlying core of this decision that we made . We will all get through this together. In the interim , there are also associated aspects of resident concerns on SHNs and whether we intend to enforce the restrictions of the SHNs. At the moment the Council is discussing this further , preferring for now to rely on the self - governance and monitoring by those under SHNs. We will say that those under SHNs are under obligations to stay at home and the purpose is obviously to control the spread. In the regrettable event that SHNs are not complied with , we will have no alternative but to make necessary decisions on SHNs. We trust that for the moment , parents may encourage their children under SHNs to respect the restrictions. Finally , we will look towards step up on doing what we can and where we can. We will step up on cleaning / sanitising  at common use spaces like the lifts. 
Thank you so much for your kind understanding. It takes all of us to fight this together. 
Best Regards,
MCST 2345