List of Notices / Circulars

General notices and announcements related to activities around the estate. You must be logged on to see resident only announcements.

Indiscriminate Dumping of Unwanted Items and Household Garbage in common areas

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Dear Residents,

There has been recurring incidences of unwanted items and trash dumped at various places. These include:

  1. Inside Service lifts
  2. First floor beside service lifts
  3. Basement at the recycle bins area.

Many residents have raised concerns with the unsightliness, and potential infestation of rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes that this can cause. Signs placed at the recycle bin areas stating no dumping is allowed have been constantly ignored by some inconsiderate residents.(See photo attached)

To curb the increased effort and resources needed to tackle this, effective 25 April 2021 the Management Office will charge a $150 Disposal and Admin fee on residents that improperly leave unwanted items in the compound. This fee will cover the effort required to go through security videos to trace the persons responsible and the cost and effort of disposal. This is not a penalty fine or a source of revenue for the Management Office – it simply covers the additional costs this dumping creates, and it is only fair that it is charged to the residents who are causing it.

The Management Office can be contacted for assistance to clear and dispose large items directly from your home, typically at a modest fee of $50 - $100 SGD. If you show them a picture of the items, they can let you know the disposal fee.

For avoidance of doubt, please see the following on proper disposal procedure for various unwanted items:

  1. Household garbage: Apartment Chutes

Household garbage including food waste is to be disposed through the in-apartment chutes. Waste food should be put into plastic bags and tied up before disposal to minimise insect and rodent access. Please remember that it is ILLEGAL to throw FLAMMABLE ITEMS LIKE LIGHTERS OR CIGARETTE BUTTS down the chute. This estate has had prior incidences of fires in the household garbage bins.

2. Recyclable Items: Blue Recycle Bins placed in basement near many lift stacks

Bottles, plastic items, cardboard, newspapers and other recyclable items must be placed INSIDE the blue bins at the basement. NON RECYCLABLE ITEMS ARE NOT TO BE PLACED INSIDE THESE BINS. Food and other waste products have been found in these bins which defeats the purpose of recycling. Such behaviour causes the bins to smell bad and it has discouraged residents from recycling. If bins are full, please let management office know and they can help – DO NOT leave the items next to the bin, on top of the bin or on the floor.

  1. Furniture, potted plants, and other large items: Open Top Container (OTC) near tennis courts

All large items like furniture, ceiling fans etc., should be placed in the Open Top Container (OTC)   located near the tennis courts. We recommend you make sure the container hasn’t been removed for emptying and has space before carting the items over. The container has a door on the side to allow one to enter and leave the items inside.

We are attaching ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to help you brief your helpers. In case of any issues please check with the Management Office.

We seek your corporation to keep our estate clean and tidy and to encourage consideration of neighbours. Thank you.

MCST 2345

SP Interaction Meeting on 17 Apr

Monday, April 12, 2021

Dear Residents of Costa Rhu Estate:

We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well, and staying safe and healthy. The purpose of this EDM is to inform subsidiary proprietors (SPs) that the Management Council (MC) plans to have an interaction session with SPs as an extension of the MC monthly meeting on 17 April. The timing and venue for this meeting is as follows:

Date: 17th April, 2021 (Saturday) Location: Marina room

Timing: 1130 AM to 1230 PM

The MC proposes to discuss the following topics with the SPs:

  • Progress on the Lift Upgradation project
  • Introduce iCondo app — which we plan to launch in the estate
  • Clarify the process for rubbish disposal in the estate (this has become an eyesore in the last several months)

As we are in a midst of COVID, these interactions will have to be compliant with all Social Distancing Norms set by the government and BCA. For example, all attendees should check-in and check-out, temperature will be scanned prior to attending the meeting, masks to be worn at all times, maintain 1 meter distance between each other throughout the meeting, among other norms.

Based on the size of the Marina room, we can only accommodate 20 SPs along with the MC members. Hence, SPs will have to pre-register at the Management Office and confirm their participation by 15 April 2021.

We will plan similar interactions going forward in the next several weeks to make sure that more SPs have the opportunity meet with the Management Council members relating to the specific key projects in the estate.

Please look out for further announcements.

Thanks MCST 2345

Hygiene @ swimming pool

Monday, April 12, 2021

Dear Residents,

Recently there has been feedback regarding residents failure to observe proper swimming pool hygiene, please note that such non-compliance goes against the safety regulations of the estate, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Proper pool hygiene must be observed at all times to prevent transmission of the virus or any other diseases through water or bodily fluids.

Non-compliance has recently been observed of bathers entering the pool without showering after engaging in vigorous exercise or activities, this has to be stopped.

Residents are to be reminded of the following house rules and etiquette on swimming pool hygiene.

  • All persons must shower and wash their feet before entering the pools. A person with

a bandage or open wound, infectious disease will not be allowed to use the pools.

  • Spitting, spouting, nose blowing and the like shall not be permitted in the pools.
  • All persons are required to dry themselves before leaving the pool area and changing

rooms. Swimmers wearing dripping wet bathing suit are not allowed to go beyond the

pool area.

Your full support and co-operation to keep our pools and environment clean and safe for all users is much appreciated.

MCST 2345

Notice of Drone Deployment at Marina Reservoir

Friday, April 9, 2021

Dear residents.

Please note that there will be a Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Drone Operations at Marina Reservoir.

 The 2-week trial will be conducted by PUB and ST Engineering Aerospace Ltd and they will be operating drone flights to monitor water quality and aquatic plant growth in the reservoir, as well as conduct surveillance for illegal activities such as fishing in non-designated areas.

Drone flights will occur at various intervals during the day in the upcoming 2 weeks (12 to 26 April 2021), between 0700 hrs to 1800 hrs.

Residents in Costa Rhu condominium might notice the drones flying during this period as the apartments are situated by the waterfront, near the drones’ flight paths.

However the operators have assured us that  there will not be any invasion of privacy as the drones are operated solely within the boundaries of the reservoir, for monitoring and surveillance purposes.

Kindly view as attached above

MCST 2345

E-Waste Costa Rhu

Monday, March 29, 2021


Dear Residents,

The Tanjong Rhu Neighbourhood Committee (TRNC) will be conducting an e-waste drive on 17th April, Saturday between 9.30am to 12.30pm. In Costa Rhu this will be held at Livonia near stack # 05/06 (Basement).

E-waste includes cameras, cell phones, computers and peripherals, lithium batteries, headphones and cables, modems etc. These items requires special disposal as they contain materials that can be harmful if not handled properly.

This event is supported by National Environment Agency and Cimelia Global.

Please see attached pdf copy of e-waste collection poster for details. 

MCST 2345

Replacement Of PUB Water Bulk Meter

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Dear Residents ,

Kindly be informed that PUB Water Department has requested to proceed with replacement of existing old water bulk meter at the meter pit beside the bin center on 11 March 2021 from 2pm to 5pm.

However , water supply will not be affected during the operation unless there is an unforeseen technical problem may arise during operation exercise.


Costa Rhu Management Office

MCST 2345

Tel : 63469466




Booking Rules for Squash Courts

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dear Residents,

Please note that all players should be in proper attire for the game. Shoes and Balls Must be of the Non-Marking types (attached reference).

Residents will be held responsible for any damage caused by their guests or themselves. Any damages caused by the previous players must be reported to the Management Office immediately before the commencement of the game.

Your co-operation is appreciated.


MCST 2345

Advisory Note

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Dear Residents

Please be informed that Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has conducted another site inspection/spot-check on 19 Feb 2021 (Friday/5.30pm onwards), BCA has communicated on the areas of improvement in the estate and issued this advisory note to our estate. 





Please send circulars to inform residents on BCA spot-check/inspection of the estate and to remind the residents of their compliances to the Safe Management Measures (SMM) Regulations (Phase 3).

Notice Board & Portal.


Security Team to keep up the patrolling during peak hours (6-8pm) and over the weekend.

Common Hotspot Areas (Swimming Pool, Playgrounds, Putting Green, Etc).

Please note that further violations may lead to the closure of the facilities in Costa Rhu, which will affect all residents.

We seek the kind co-operation of all Residents in adhering strictly to the above. 

Thank you

MCST 2345


Closure of Management Office

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dear Residents,


Kindly note that the Management Office will be on half day closure on 11th February (Thursday),Chinese New Year Eve at 1pm.

We will resume operations on 15th February (Monday).

You may contact the Management Office during office hours at 63469466 or 63469461 at guard house for assistance after office hours.


Thank you and Happy Chinese New Year

Yours Faithfully,

MCST 2345


Monday, February 1, 2021

Dear Residents,

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce had permitted the resumption of sports and recreation facilities in condominiums as part of the Phase 3 (“Safe Nation”) guidelines. We are therefore pleased to announce the reopening of bookings for the BBQ pits from 2nd February 2021.  Necessary precautions have been undertaken as per the government guidelines for your safety. The following measures has been put in place to ensure compliance with the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act.

  • Maximum of eight (8) people allowed per BBQ Pit
  • Individuals to maintain safe distancing of at least 1 metre at all times
  • Only alternate BBQ pits are open to stop mixing or interaction between different groups
  • No sharing of pits by more than one group
  • Residents must continue to wear a mask when outside of their homes, masks can be taken off only when consuming food

We seek resident’s cooperation to continue to stay disciplined and vigilant to achieve a COVID-safe estate to live in. 

MCST 2345


Monday, January 25, 2021

Dear residents:

Human Waste in Swimming Pool

We thank the resident for providing us the feedback on the excretion found in the pool on Sunday morning. The swimming pool will be closed immediately for 72 hours for cleaning, disinfect and water testing.

Please note that the MCST has no choice but to take such drastic measures to ensure these disgusting acts do not take place. If you witness any such acts, please come forward to provide information.

We thank you for your kind cooperation to make Costa Rhu a liveable estate.

Thank you,

MCST 2345


Monday, January 11, 2021

Dear Residents,

Kindly be reminded that the following activities are prohibited within the condominium.

Please note that these inconsiderate behaviours are an infringement of our Costa Rhu’s House Rules and By-Laws. Management Office will not hesitate to take firm action against those that flout the regulations. 

We seek your cooperation to observe and practice basic human courtesies and NOT to do the following :-


  • Ball sports, Frisbee playing, roller skating, bicycle riding, skate boarding, “horse playing”, running and other similar activities are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Diving, noise, rough or dangerous play (e.g. any ball games) will not be permitted in the pools and surrounding area.
  • No food and beverage shall be permitted in the pool(s).
  • No pets are allowed in the pool(s) or the pool vicinity.
  • Swimming equipment that may cause annoyance to other pool users such as inflatable toys, snorkelling equipment, surfboards, large floats, flippers, toys, etc. are not allowed.
  • No poolside furniture shall be removed from the pool area.
  • No parties are allowed at the poolside.
  • Smoking is prohibited around the pool area (as required by law).


  • Pets must always be leashed in the common areas at all times.
  • Pets shall not be allowed in the recreational and facilities areas under any circumstances, especially the swimming pools area and the putting green area.
  • The person (Resident, Guest, Domestic helpers etc) walking the pet, shall clean up the waste of the pets left in the common areas, especially the basement carparks area.
  • They are encouraged to walk the pet outside Costa Rhu, residents shall be responsible for the cost of repairing e.g. replacement of grass patch and cleaning of areas being damaged or littered by their pets.
  • Do not allow pets to drink water from the swimming pool or swim in the pool.


  • Illegal dumping of unwanted items and rubbish at the common areas, e.g. near the recycle bins, on the floor of the small rubbish bin’s area and lobbies area.
  • Food scraps, rubbish and cigarette butts being thrown out of the windows.


  • Do not store or leave your personal belongings in the common area, e.g. bicycles or other belongings at the staircase area, lift lobbies or in the risers.

Kindly note that all bicycles are to be registered with Management Office and park at the Bicycle Bays provided at the basement carparks. Management may remove such items or any items that found in the common area without further notice.


  • Do not create undue noise that would interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others in any Lot or on the common property.

Yours faithfully,

MCST 2345

Litter and Noise Pollution

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Dear Residents

We would like to start by wishing all our residents a happy and safe 2021!

As all of us take a much-needed break in a difficult year, we know many of us are winding down for the year and there is a greater desire for fun, music, and enjoyment with family and friends. While yet others are taking the opportunity to clean their houses of unwanted items. 

Our request of residents is to be mindful and considerate of neighbours when you engage in these activities. Specifically, there are two issues that we wish to address (i) Litter and (ii) Noise Pollution.


It appears that not everyone is following the expected behaviour and rules that have been laid down for the disposal of unwanted household items. Unfortunately, we have seen a spike in cases of inappropriate disposals in the last few days and received several complaints as well as seen several postings on social media of litter in the basement (and in some cases higher floors).

This kind of behaviour is not what anyone should expect from residents of our beautiful and iconic estate and the folly of a few takes away the quality of living for many of us. We are certain that none of us would like to be subjected to such a sight in the basement (or other floors) as seen in the attached photograph.

Clearly, this is a concern and as a Management Council, we would like to take this opportunity to remind and educate all residents, including those who may not have familiarized themselves with the house rules on disposal of household items.

We would like to highlight to you several options available to ensure the right disposal of unwanted items

  1. There is an ‘open-top container’ outside the tennis court for any oversized items that will not fit in the disposal / recycle bins kept in the basement
  2. Management Office can assist in the removal of items from your homes for a modest fee of $50 (subject to the quantity and volume of items being reasonable)
  3. There are additional bins in various places for stuff that is too big for the garbage chutes

For the sake of clarity, we would like to highlight that nothing should be left outside, on top of, or in the general vicinity of the disposal / recycle bins in the basement.

Each disposal / recycle bin should only be used for the disposal of the specific types of items it is meant for. If the items being disposed of cannot be dropped into the bins, you should use the open-top container or contact the management office

Please make sure that your domestic helpers are also aware of the appropriate way to dispose of items.

If this behaviour continues, the management office may have no option but to use CCTV to identify the offenders and we will have to levy (i) a $100 Disposal and Administrative Fee for small items and (ii) $150 SGD Disposal and Administrative Fee for furniture or mattresses if we find these littered in the basement.

Noise Pollution

We have received an increase in complaints of noise pollution especially after 11 PM and into the early hours of the morning. Our request of residents is to be mindful and considerate of neighbours who are trying to get a good night's sleep. We've seen insensitive loud music being played into the early morning hours without regard for others who may be asleep. These recurring incidents don't augur well for peaceful community living and we appreciate everyone's cooperation.

We know the vast majority have a good civic sense. We, therefore, request you to maintain all parts of the estate pollution free in the same way as you maintain your homes.

MCST 2345


Phase 3 Re-Opening

Monday, December 28, 2020

Firstly, the Management Council and the Management Office would like to wish all of you good health and happiness through this festive season and a wonderful 2021. As we close the chapter on 2020, a year that has been unique and challenging in so many ways, we would like to thank all residents of Costa Rhu for keeping up the spirit of living in a diverse community and adhering to the government's safety guidelines. 

As all of you would be aware, the Singapore government has announced that it will be moving into Phase 3 of re-opening from 28 December whereby more activities can gradually resume. In doing so, the government has emphasized that we should continue to gather in small groups, maintain safe distancing, and exercise social responsibility as we have been doing in the earlier phases. In light of the above, we are pleased to note that we will be making the following two changes to the rules that are currently in place:

  1. Group Size

Permitted group sizes will be increased from five to eight for any social gatherings within Costa Rhu, whether it be within the dwelling units or outside the dwelling units in the shared spaces.

  1. Gym Usage

We will increase the capacity of the Gym from six concurrent users to eight concurrent users. We are working with our IT provider to make suitable changes so that the system will permit eight concurrent bookings. The changes will take effect for all spot and future bookings commencing Wednesday 30 December. Booking for the gym will continue to happen through the website and the additional two slots will appear for bookings starting from 30 December. There is no change to the gym timings and the usage shall continue to be restricted to one hour per unit. 

Other than the above change, there will be no other change in rules that were implemented as part of Phase 2. In other words, all other rules that were published earlier in respect of the usage of sports facilities, function rooms etc., will remain the same. Residents, including adults and children, are advised at all times to ensure that they follow safe distancing measures in both letter and spirit and wear masks when moving about within the condominium. Residents are also advised to use the Trace Together app when entering specific areas where QR code has been displayed.

We have had several surprise visits from the BCA in recent months and in general they have been approving of the measures we have taken to remain compliant with the government guidelines on social interaction within the condominium. The Management Council would like to thank all residents for their continued co-operation and assistance in this matter.

It is possible that the BCA may issue further guidelines in the coming days and we will continue to keep the residents appraised on any changes arising from such guidelines. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact the Management Office should you have any questions or need any clarifications.

MCST 2345


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dear Subsidiary Proprietors,

Kindly see attached circular for your information.

MCST 2345


Areas of Improvement in (Costa Rhu)

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Dear Residents,

Please be informed that the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has conducted random spot checks in Costa Rhu in the last few days. BCA has observed the following areas that need to be improved and issued this advisory to our Estate:






To put up maximum grouping capacity, limit grouping, wearing of mask at the swing areas

Near the Swing Area. 


To put up wearing of mask before & after sessions at all the facilities next to the other Safe Management Measures (SMM) advisories. 

Next to the other signs close to facilities (e.g. swimming pool, Gym, Playground & Exercise Area. 



Please send circulars to inform residents on BCA visit/inspection on the 1st Dec 2020 and remind the residents for their compliance to the Safe Management Measures (SMM).

At Notice Board & Portal


The BCA will be conducting spot checks again anytime soon. Any violations may lead to the closure of the facilities in Costa Rhu, which will affect all residents.

We seek the kind co-operation of all Residents in adhering strictly to the above. 

Thank you

MCST 2345